Challenge/Solution Case Study: Achieving a $700,000 Water Usage Refund

Nestor Rentas Challenge/Solution Case Studies


EFI Group proved that city meters were reading high, prompting the city to install a new meter to correct the problem. As a result, the client recovered over $700,000 in refunded fees from the city for past water bills.


The client suspected their public water meter was inaccurate and that water bills from the municipal water supplier were high.


To determine actual water usage versus usage shown on the water bills, EFI Group performed a water balance for the entire 200-acre site, using:

  • Information from meters throughout the plant
  • Flow measurements from the three outfalls from the site
  • Data showing water shipped to customers as part of the products
  • EFI Group’s own measurement equipment

Cost information was calculated from the survey and from the water bills over several years.

Meetings were then held with the water supplier to review findings and substantiate the claims concerning overbilling.


  • Detailed plant-wide water balance.

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