Challenge/Solution Case Study: Increasing Packaging Line Capacity for a Major Sugar Refiner

Nestor Rentas Challenge/Solution Case Studies


Per EFI Group’s layouts, five new packaging lines, along with their associated sugar feed systems and support structures, were successfully built and installed. These lines continue to operate in a reliable manner at the specified production rates.


In order to bring new products to market, or simply increase the output of existing antiquated packaging lines, the client often installed new packaging lines. Several lines package granulated sugar, while others package powdered sugar products.

EFI Group needed to develop layouts for packaging lines ranging from the small packets found on restaurant tables to bulk bags. The sugar feed systems for these lines typically involve new bins, screws, airlocks, pneumatic conveying and dust collection equipment.


Typically, the client identifies the production rates and type of packaging equipment and EFI Group’s role is to:

  • Determine where in the facility the line should be installed.
  • Determine how to supply the line with the required type and amount of sugar.
  • Develop the equipment arrangement for both the sugar supply systems and the packing line itself.

When the installation requires it, EFI Group also develops the layout of new structural steel towers, maintenance platforms and other building modifications and works with architects and structural engineers to complete the detailed design.

EFI Group has been involved in the design of approximately five different packaging lines installed in production facilities across the U.S.


  • Arrangement drawings and equipment specifications depicting new sugar supply equipment (bins, screws, pneumatic conveying systems, airlocks, etc.) and modifications to the existing conveying systems.
  • Drawings (including equipment dead and live loads) depicting the arrangement of new or modified structures.
  • Mark-ups and required changes to OEM approval drawings for new equipment.
  • Detailed mechanical drawings of ducts, interconnecting chutes, and supports needed to install new equipment.
  • Arrangement drawings to be used for the installation of new packaging equipment.
  • Structural drawings for foundations and any new or modified structures (when required).

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