Challenge/Solution Case Study: Improving Dust Collection for a Food Additive Manufacturer

Nestor Rentas Challenge/Solution Case Studies


EFI Group managed the installation of a dust collector and new ductwork over a four-day weekend outage for a food additive manufacturer. Collector reliability and dust control exceed the client’s expectations.


The client’s dust collector was not effectively controlling dust throughout the blending and packaging area. Some areas of the operation experienced poor dust capture and control, while in other areas, good product was being sucked into the dust collection system.

The material collected is hydroscopic, making the selection of the dust collector critical to the success of the project. A new dust collection system was required that would minimize wasted product and ensure reliable dust control.


The total collection system was redesigned, including the ductwork and pick-up points. A new collector was selected that was specifically designed to handle the fine, hydroscopic dust from this facility’s product. Installation drawings and a project cost estimate were prepared in support of the project.


  • Dust collector drawings and specifications.
  • Duct and hood design drawings.
  • Cost estimate for entire project.
  • Installation and start-up assistance.

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