Company History

During his previous role as engineering and maintenance manager for a large manufacturer, EFI Group’s managing partner, Ken Parezo, routinely hired engineering consultants to expedite project development and implementation.

While Ken found engineering consulting firms to be fairly effective when given a highly defined approach and solution, he grew frustrated at the consultants’ inability to dig into manufacturing problems and develop creative, viable and cost-effective solutions.

Ken recognized industry’s need for a group of seasoned engineering professionals who could easily step into a client’s shoes and solve real-world manufacturing challenges.

In 1999, Ken Parezo established EFI Group to provide a pool of experienced engineering and manufacturing consultants able to make an immediate, positive and permanent impact on client operations.

Today, every EFI Group team member:

  • Brings extensive experience working in manufacturing environments.
  • Clearly understands the profit and loss implications/consequences of engineering and manufacturing management decisions.
  • Has a mandate to dig deeper into the presented problem in order to ascertain the larger picture, uncover potential and, ultimately, develop more effective and innovative engineering solutions.

In addition, EFI Group has built strong relationships with other engineering and professional organizations able bring highly specialized industry-related knowledge and skill sets, resulting in a full-service operation with the keen attention and determined attitude of a small consultancy.

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EFI Group is a manufacturing engineering firm practicing process engineering, process design, design engineering, manufacturing technology and engineering services. EFI Group is based in Pikesville, Maryland (MD) and serves clients throughout North America.