Our Approach: Minimizing Our Clients’ Technical and Financial Risk

EFI Group’s industry experience enables a deeper understanding not only of the challenges manufacturing firms face, but also of the concerns that arise when hiring an outside consultant.

We know firsthand that manufacturing firms have a well-grounded fear of discovering, often too late, that a project is off course for a multitude of reasons. Additionally, we know that manufacturing firms are often required to define both the problem and the solution for the consultancy – rather than rely on the consultancy to dig deep and offer fresh thinking.

How Is EFI Group’s Approach Different?

Our approach to solving manufacturing challenges was designed to address these concerns and is based on a single fact:

We understand the potentially devastating consequences
of a poorly considered and planned project.

In short, we know what is at stake and are committed to minimizing your technical and financial risk by:

  • Working in discrete steps to promote alignment, collaboration and consensus at every stage. We never guess at the outcome or cost, but instead, begin with your end goal in mind and work step-by-step, moving forward as knowledge is gained. This eliminates the blind following of an initial course that may turn out to be off base, and it also allows for the continual analysis required for new options and innovation
  • Approaching projects with an owner’s point of view. We constantly evaluate the value of each project by asking, “Would we spend our own money on this?” and “Is this the path we would take if our budget, resources and future success were on the line?”
  • Listening and engaging, rather than preaching and disappearing. We never claim to have “the answer” prior to solid investigation. Instead, we apply our expertise and tap into your staff’s knowledge, gaining additional information that furthers our ability to develop successful solutions. We remain in close contact throughout the process, keeping you fully informed and aware during each phase.
  • Assigning only the exact right resources. Our broadly experienced staff and our national network of partners with specific industry expertise make it easy to identify the right project team for every challenge. Our collaborative style and culture ensures that EFI Group’s organization becomes a seamless extension of yours.

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