Phil Titleman

CAD Technician

As a key person responsible for 3D modeling for equipment arrangements and fabrication drawings at EFI Group, nothing is more important to Phil than clarity.

Whether it’s creating plans and drawings to help our clients perfectly understand the solutions we’re proposing or making sure a fabricator can replicate our plans without any disparities, Phil is always working to reduce project risk through accuracy.

Phil’s ability to see the big picture and incorporate that larger knowledge into each design, as well as to offer new perspectives, make him an essential asset to our team and clients.

What he enjoys most about working for EFI Group is the opportunity to develop solutions for such a wide range of manufacturing challenges that require both his strategic and artistic talent.

Prior to joining EFI Group, Phil was an AutoCAD operator and field technician working on environmental protection solutions, manufactured custom-designed orthotics and medical braces for patients, physicians and NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, and designed office spaces to align with corporate culture and comply with ergonomic, visual and economic specifications.

In addition to being an integral member of the EFI Group team, Phil is currently pursing a bachelor’s degree in physics to complement his existing skill set so that he can continue to increase the value he brings to the projects we undertake.


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