Meet Kyle Chaires: EFI Group’s Newest Project Engineer
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In his role as Project Engineer at EFI Group, Kyle Chaires brings the curiosity, determination and fresh perspective required to bring innovative, forward-thinking manufacturing solutions to the table.

In fact, nothing inspires Kyle more than taking on the type of tough engineering problems that allow him to apply his love of math and his understanding of how things work in order to develop effective solutions for clients.

“I was drawn to EFI Group because the work they do every day is about finding creative solutions to the most challenging manufacturing problems,” said Kyle. “It’s incredibly interesting to spend your time figuring out and testing what you think will be the most efficient way to address a given set of needs and achieve a specific set of goals.”

Kyle’s desire to help manufacturers solve problems stems from his deep appreciation of the design, engineering and manufacturing process itself. As Kyle states, “The fact that we are in the business of helping companies take simple raw materials and transform them into all sorts of complex items that directly and positively impact how we live and work as a society is quite remarkable.”

Prior to joining EFI Group, Kyle worked for Dixon Valve where he participated in all aspects of product development from conception and design to manufacturing.

Kyle earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware in Newark with a concentration in Aerospace Engineering and minors in Mathematics and Material Science. He also received his Certificate in Project Management from the University of Delaware in Wilmington.

When he’s not tackling engineering challenges, Kyle can most often be found plowing through audiobooks, snowboarding, participating in water sports or traveling. He also has plans to join a maker’s club in the near future. In addition, he and his fiancé Lisa are avid athletes and recently trained together for a half marathon. Although Kyle wasn’t able to run the race thanks to a knee injury, he was happy to cheer his fiancé on from the sidelines and now has his sights set on an upcoming 10K across the bay.

To get to know Kyle better, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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