Case Studies: Meeting Challenge with Practicality and Innovation

Since its inception, EFI Group has had the privilege of applying its expertise and problem-solving determination to a broad range of Industries and a wide variety of enterprises.

Here are examples of how we’ve been able to meet challenges with practical, efficient and innovative solutions:

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Redesigning the Cooling Section of an Asphalt Roofing Line
Improving the Rate of Production for a Major Sugar Refiner
Reducing Energy Costs for an HVAC Equipment OEM
Increasing Production at a Plastic Tube Manufacturer
Achieving a $700,000 Water Usage Refund
Increasing Packaging Line Capacity for a Major Sugar Refiner

Equipment Reliability Improvement

Reducing Maintenance Costs and Downtime by the Re-Design of an Extruder Drive Stand for Ceramics Manufacturer
Resolving Ongoing Equipment Failure in Chill Rolls through Root Cause Analysis
Correcting Overheating of Large Rectifier Unit for a Primary Aluminum Manufacturer

Project Scope & Cost Development

Reducing Costs and Improving Reliability for Dense Phase Limestone Transport System
Streamlining Equipment Configuration for Advanced Adhesives Manufacturer
Implementation Planning and Design of Arc Flash Remediation for a Primary Aluminum Producer
Mitigating Risk for Combustible Dust Deflagration

Project Management & Start-Up

Reorganizing Large Manufacturing Complex to Meet Merger Requirements
Improving Process Efficiency at Primary Aluminum Manufacturer
Designing a Custom Cooling System for Large Electric Motor
Improving Dust Collection for a Food Additive Manufacturer

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