Following are examples of projects EFI Group has completed for firms in the Chemicals industry:

Titanium Dioxide

  • Performed analyzes and design for new plant-wide compressed air and process sparging air system
  • Performed plant water balance for use of public water – resulted in a $700,000 credit
  • Designed and installed PLC-based process and safety control systems
  • Designed and installed environmental control equipment and systems
  • Investigated alternate source of combustion air for rotary kilns
  • Investigated and arranged for trial test for new source of neutralizer
  • Performed feasibility study for proprietary process


  • Developed concept for reading bar code labels
  • Investigated wire forming problems for paint can handles
  • Investigated wash/rinse water treatment for discharge to public sewer
  • Investigated de-palletizing improvements


  • Investigated and designed process controls for high drying oven w/flammable solvent
  • Analyzed production growth plans; and developed warehouse and shipping work processes and storage arrangement to improve lead time and customer service
  • Selected and designed rupture disk for multiple mixers which also included catchment tank design
  • Designed and implemented mixer inert sensing system
  • Designed and implemented inert solids transfer system for mixers
  • Investigated configuration of compact winding system
  • Reconfigured laboratory electrochemical plating line
  • Improved ergonomics of releasing a frozen ingredient from a fiber drum and designed proof-of-concept solution
  • Investigated handling problems in mix room
  • Established NFPA rating for compounding room
  • Developed process hardware for proprietary process
  • Developed mold release process for proprietary product


  • Performed process and cost development for the manufacturing of NiAl catalysts
  • Developed process flow, site plan and costs for the manufacturing of fluid cracking catalysts

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EFI Group is based in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) and serves clients nationwide, including those in Delaware; Maryland; Pennsylvania; Virginia; West Virginia and Washington, D.C.