Following are examples of projects EFI Group has completed for firms in the Medical industry:


  • Supported FAT for multi-head filling line for immunoassay reagents


  • Performed contract review for filling line for hematology reagents
  • Specified, sourced and started up reagent filling line
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis for particle contamination from RO discharge
  • Supported FAT for rotary filling, dosing and capping Line
  • Reviewed pre-bid specifications for a replacement filling line for hematology
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis for cap over torqueing on reagent filling line


  • Modeled microbiological container’s thermodynamics

Other Medical Industry Projects

  • Investigated, designed and executed HVAC upgrade for pilot plant clean room
  • Investigated and designed heating and cooling for purified water storage system
  • Designed and managed installation of load cells for gravimetric batching
  • Designed FDA environmental chamber
  • Replaced processing tanks
  • Designed flammable storage room
  • Removed and replaced alcohol storage tanks
  • Investigated handling problems in mix room
  • Established NFPA rating for compounding room
  • Developed process hardware for proprietary process
  • Developed mold release process for proprietary product

EFI Group is a manufacturing engineering firm practicing process engineering, process design, design engineering, manufacturing technology and engineering services.
EFI Group is based in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) and serves clients nationwide, including those in Delaware; Maryland; Pennsylvania; Virginia; West Virginia and Washington, D.C.