Following are examples of projects EFI Group has completed for firms in the Metals industry:

Steel Processing & Coating

  • Performed multiple steel coating line projects for expansion and improvements


  • Designed, commissioned and launched fully automated anode grooving, storage and handling system
  • Designed anode cover blending and transport systems, and conducted project planning at two separate plants
  • Investigated and provided design for offloading and containment problems for aluminum tri-fluoride
  • Investigated and improved design for cable tensioning for ship unloading “clam”
  • Improved the design of blades for proprietary crushing machine
  • Investigated and implemented anode positioning system
  • Redesigned barge unloading hardware, including boom, trolley, turntable and winch systems
  • Reconfigured the hot oil/pitch system for green mill
  • Repaired ball mill structural base
  • Analyzed “Arc Flash” report and developed implementation plan and capital cost estimate
  • Investigated and developed options for capture of alumina “super fines”
  • Investigated and provided detailed design for rod mill expansion
  • Investigated numerous large screening installations to improve maintenance and dust collection
  • Investigated rectifier cooling capacity and redesigned circuit
  • Investigated transformer failures

EFI Group is a manufacturing engineering firm practicing process engineering, process design, design engineering, manufacturing technology and engineering services.
EFI Group is based in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) and serves clients nationwide, including those in Delaware; Maryland; Pennsylvania; Virginia; West Virginia and Washington, D.C.