Paper & Forest Products

Following are examples of projects EFI Group has completed for firms in the Paper & Forest Products industry:

  • Designed and installed many sizes of “Fourdriniers”
  • Major project for paper machine rebuild, including the wet end and the winder
  • Evaluated and improved paper machine building ventilation
  • Optimized stock preparation for color changeover reduction
  • Improved/upgraded paper control systems, including bleach plant, top lip, liquor extraction, clothing guide controls, etc
  • Designed and installed synthetic liquor system
  • Developed operating procedures and training manual for a custom printing process for food packaging
  • Investigated and modified pulper to achieve reduced cycle time
  • Designed powered top lip adjustment mechanism
  • Investigated automated steel carrier roll cleaning mechanism
  • Investigated and installed upgraded dust collector for “coating kitchen” for coater
  • Designed and installed numerous floor roll dollies
  • Designed narrow web converting line expansion to improve tension control, die registration and machine flexibility (enabling the production of different products)
  • Performed failure mode analysis of chilled roll system
  • Implemented new tension control and web guiding systems on Kraft paper machine
  • Evaluated paper unwind improvements for continuous process
  • Designed custom machine guarding for high-speed paper and film handling equipment

EFI Group is a manufacturing engineering firm practicing process engineering, process design, design engineering, manufacturing technology and engineering services.
EFI Group is based in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) and serves clients nationwide, including those in Delaware; Maryland; Pennsylvania; Virginia; West Virginia and Washington, D.C.