Jobs at EFI Group

Meet Tom Kalyniuk & David Edwards – EFI Group’s Newest Team Members

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Jobs at EFI Group

We’re excited to introduce you to our two newest hires Tom Kalyniuk and David Edwards. Both are true assets to our team and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them on board.

Meet Tom Kalyniuk, EFI Group’s New Project Engineer

In manufacturing environments, uptime is critical to the company’s bottom line. This applies to not only strategic partnerships with suppliers and stakeholders but more importantly to the livelihood of the employees. As an engineer for a global manufacturer, Tom Kalyniuk had the opportunity to see this up close.

This experience enables him to assist our team of engineering consultants and our clients to maximize the manufacturing Tom Kalyniuk Project Engineer at EFI Groupprocesses in order to achieve optimum uptime and efficiency.

As an engineer, Tom is committed to considering new approaches and developing creative yet practical solutions with safety and a long-term view in mind.

“I prefer to offer solutions that require little maintenance,” Tom said. “I have seen the benefits of this firsthand. Our clients’ best interest, safety, and business are always at the forefront of my work.”

Tom also keeps the relationship between manufacturing efficiency and the livelihoods of those who work in the industry top of mind. According to Tom, an inefficient plant can lead to jobs being lost, so he views his work as having a positive impact in that regard too.

In his spare time, Tom is a singer/songwriter and musician who plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. It’s a passion that’s tightly connected to his love of engineering. As he states:

“There’s a methodical approach to music and there’s also a methodical approach to engineering. Plus, as an engineer, you need to look at things abstractly to do a good job. Music offers great practice for thinking that way.”

Before joining EFI Group, Tom worked in various engineering roles for Isola Group, a global manufacturer of raw materials for printed circuit boards. His role consisted of designing resin mixing/pumping systems, automation, and CAD drawings, as well as communicating regularly with the plant maintenance teams. This gave him vital experience in collaboration and project management that he currently draws on to ensure a well-run engineering project.

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Meet David Edwards, EFI Group’s New Mechanical Designer

David has been working in industrial design since he left college in 1979. His focus on quality, productivity and process improvement, along with his ability to visualize three-dimensional solutions in a way that brings additional clarity in the project planning stage make him a true asset to EFI Group’s clients.

David Edwards Mechanical Designer at EFI Group“My passion is for solving problems,” said David. “In fact, I see my purpose as making life easier for businesses and people through exceptional design.”

David’s passion for design is also evident in his hobbies. A true Renaissance man, he also enjoys photography, gardening, cooking and collecting model cars and motorcycles. He’s even been an actor, model, DJ and so much more. He’s also an experienced woodworker and recently built a new shed and mailbox. As David puts it, he enjoys a little bit of everything.

Prior to joining EFI Group, David worked for a number of high-profile companies including BGE and Domino Sugar and he was instrumental in developing a corporate standard for “3D design, utilizing AutoCAD Plant 3d, Coade CadWorx” along with Cad Standards.

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