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Equipment Reliability Improvement Projects

Following are examples of Equipment Reliability Improvement projects EFI Group has completed:

  • Redesign of barge unloading hardware including boom, trolley, turntable, and winch systems
  • Repair ball mill structural base
  • Investigate numerous large screening installations to improve maintenance and dust collection
  • Investigate rectifier cooling capacity and redesign circuit
  • Investigate transformer failures
  • Investigate and develop approach for improving liquid ring vacuum blower installations
  • Air slide system design improvement and flow control
  • Redesign of high temperature limestone transport conveying pipeline
  • Failure mode analysis of chilled roll system
  • Developed solutions for containing dust for fly ash loading into trucks
  • Conveying equipment design analysis to improve total product flow and equipment reliability
  • Numerous plant layout projects for packaging systems including sugar delivery systems and the configuration of structural towers and mezzanines.
  • Investigate and solve process problems for two large hydronic systems
  • Investigation and design solution for solids flow process problem for proprietary cryogenic grinding process
  • Equipment selection, line layout, and cost estimate for product conveying, case sealing, palletizing, and wrapping equipment
  • Root Cause Analysis of package overflow during filling of oriental sauces
  • Problem/Opportunity resolution on Rice Vinegar filling line resulting in 45% rate improvement
  • Technical Mediation between beverage manufacture and equipment supplier
  • Root Cause Analysis for particle contamination from RO discharge
  • Support FAT for Rotary Filling, Dosing and Capping Line
  • Support FAT for Multi-head Filling Line for Immunoassay reagents
  • Root Cause Analysis of Cap Over torqueing on reagent filling line
  • Model Microbiological Container Thermodynanics
  • Design and implementation of a custom manipulator
  • Design and implementation of a custom cable driven dumping cart for loading an extruder
  • Mechanical design of various fixtures as well as redesign of failed mechanical components
  • Installation of replaceable floor mounted rails
  • Design and implement modifications to reverse roll coating machines and liquid delivery systems
  • Evaluate paper unwind improvements for continuous process
  • Investigate wire forming problems for paint can handles
  • Develop swarf handling solutions for numerous horizontal trenches
  • Investigate numerous machine guarding improvements
  • Multiple steel coating line projects for expansion and improvements
  • Design and implementation of inert solids transfer system for mixers

EFI Group is a manufacturing engineering firm practicing process engineering, process design, design engineering, manufacturing technology and engineering services. EFI Group is based in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) and serves clients throughout North America.