Manufacturing Process Improvement Projects

Solving Manufacturing’s Toughest Challenges

Following are examples of Manufacturing Process Improvement projects EFI Group has completed:

  • Design and project planning for anode cover blending and transport systems – Two separate plants
  • Investigate and provide design for offloading and containment problems for aluminum tri-fluoride
  • Investigate and improve design for cable tensioning for ship unloading “clam”
  • Design improvement of blades for proprietary crushing machine
  • Investigate and implement anode positioning system
  • Reconfigure the hot oil/pitch system for green mill
  • Analyze “Arc Flash” report and develop Implementation Plan and capital cost estimate
  • Investigate and develop options for capture of alumina “super fines”
  • Investigate numerous large screening installations to improve maintenance and dust collection
  • Process flow and development of sizing & drying sand as Fracking Proppants
  • Wet resizing process development and project scoping for high purity silica
  • Design of custom extraction system for feldspar dewatering vats
  • Reconcile and improve performance of a flash tube and a fluid energy dryer
  • Evaluate and recommended improvements for dust collection system for fluid energy dryer
  • Raymond Mill throughput analysis
  • Develop strategy and system for balancing and maintaining the inventory of thickener tanks
  • Investigate substitution of HF acid for proprietary process
  • Investigate and develop approach for improving liquid ring vacuum blower installations
  • Design and installation of an 80 tph dense phase pneumatic conveying system
  • Determine improvements to dust collector bags to improve overall performance
  • Redesign of various portions of a continuous processing shingle line – entry and exit end
  • Redesign and replacement of Cooling Section including drive and controls upgrades
  • Investigate and reconcile the performance of fluidized hot oil limestone heater – Two lines
  • Designed and installed many sizes of “Fourdriniers”
  • 225 in paper machine rebuild including the wet end and the winder
  • Paper machine building ventilation evaluation and improvement
  • Optimize stock preparation for color changeover reduction
  • Improving/upgrading paper control systems including: Bleach Plant; Top Lip; Liquor extraction; Clothing Guide controls; etc.
  • Designed and installed synthetic liquor system
  • Development of operating procedures and a training manual for a custom printing process for food packaging
  • Investigated and modified pulper to achieve reduced cycle time
  • Designed powered top lip adjustment mechanism
  • Investigate automated steel carrier roll cleaning mechanism
  • Investigated and installed upgraded dust collector for “coating kitchen” for coater
  • Designed and installed numerous floor roll dollies
  • Design of a narrow web converting line expansion to improve tension control, die registration, and machine flexibility to produce different products
  • Failure mode analysis of chilled roll system
  • Investigate sanitizing procedures/methods
  • Designed and installed dust collection system for dry blending
  • Investigate and configure central vacuum system
  • Configuration of numerous palletizers and pellet baggers – Six installations
  • Developed coal handling/storage configuration
  • Developed automated feed for two stoker type boilers
  • Developed solutions for containing dust for fly ash loading into trucks
  • Design of a potassium chloride storage, conveying, screening, and packaging system
  • Restore proper operation of large existing dust collection system – Two systems
  • Constraint analysis and recommendations for improving sugar distribution to various packaging equipment. Improved productivity by 10%
  • Ion Exchange Project Development including: Plant Layout and Process Flow; Environmental requirements; Preliminary Cost Estimate and Preliminary Justification
  • Conveying equipment design analysis to improve total product flow and equipment reliability
  • Numerous plant layout projects for packaging systems including sugar delivery systems and the configuration of structural towers and mezzanines.
  • Performed FMEA and developed a repair method for vibratory screener supports
  • Investigated, evaluated, and installed moisture sensing transducers
  • Develop the configuration and mechanical design details required to implement chemical suppression and isolation equipment on dust collectors, powder mills, and bucket elevators.
  • System and collection point design and equipment layout including elevated enclosure for several new dust collectors
  • Investigate and solve process problems for two large hydronic systems
  • Investigate and estimate altering process
  • Designed mixing and bottling station associated with a plant expansion
  • Investigate, design, and implement upgrade of biomass filter used for odor control
  • Investigate low line utilization for high speed bottling line
  • Investigate dust capture for proprietary cryogenic grinding process
  • Investigate and design of proprietary sauce production line
  • Equipment selection, line layout, and cost estimate for product conveying, case sealing, palletizing, and wrapping equipment
  • Problem/Opportunity resolution on Rice Vinegar filling line resulting in 45% rate improvement
  • Process Improvements for beverage concentrate filling line
  • Develop process and scope of work for power distribution to support additional flavor manufacturing cell
  • Investigate, design, and execute HVAC upgrade for pilot plant clean room
  • Investigate, design for the heating and cooling for purified water storage system
  • Design and manage installation of load cells for gravimetric batching
  • Design FDA environmental chamber
  • Replacement of processing tanks
  • Design of flammable storage room
  • Removal/replacement of alcohol storage tanks
  • Specify, source and start up reagent filling line
  • Investigate and detailed design for two kiln cart transfer systems
  • Designed automated insulator cut-off operation
  • Investigate and develop design changes for alignment fixtures
  • Design and implementation of new scrap handling system
  • Reconfigure warehouse/packing area
  • Investigate, configure, and design proprietary cement mixing area
  • Design of proprietary bend testing machine
  • Redesign of tooling for proprietary shaping hardware
  • Design and implementation of a custom manipulator
  • Design and implement hydraulic systems for retrofit onto existing manipulator arms
  • Design of new drive and bearing arrangement for pug mill and extruder
  • Design and implementation of a custom cable driven dumping cart for loading an extruder
  • Develop system requirements, design, and implement a closed loop cooling system for extruder and liquid ring vacuum blower
  • Mechanical design of various fixtures as well as redesign of failed mechanical components
  • Automation of laminate samples manufacturing
  • Renovation of hydraulic system for large laminate press
  • Repair of large high pressure high temperature hot water system
  • Plant wide lockout documentation
  • Installation of replaceable floor mounted rails
  • Analyze and redesign large traveling vertical lift
  • Relocate and reconfigure finishing operation
  • Design and implement modifications to reverse roll coating machines and liquid delivery systems
  • Implement new tension control and web guiding systems on Kraft paper machine
  • Drive replacement and tensions control improvements to an existing coating machine
  • Investigate noise reduction for shot peening equipment
  • Design of conveying belt in high temperature heat treat oven
  • Evaluate paper unwind improvements for continuous process
  • Design of fabrication facility for engineered stone product
  • Process investigation to reduce yield loss
  • Configure and design relocation of finishing line
  • Investigate installation of thermal oxidizer
  • Analysis and design for new plant wide compressed air and process sparging air system
  • Perform plant water balance for use of public water resulting in $700,000 credit
  • Design and installation of PLC based process and safety control systems
  • Design and installation of environmental control equipment and systems
  • Investigate alternate source of combustion air for rotary kilns
  • Investigate and arrange for trial test for new source of neutralizer
  • Perform feasibility study for proprietary process
  • Develop concept for reading bar code labels
  • Investigate wire forming problems for paint can handles
  • Investigate wash/rinse water treatment for discharge to public sewer
  • Investigate de-palletizing improvements
  • Designed and complete manufacturing consolidation and reorganization
  • Develop swarf handling solutions for numerous horizontal trenches
  • Reconfigure small parts manufacturing process
  • Design actuated enclosure openings for large shot blaster
  • Investigate improvement and implement for waste water treatment plant
  • Investigate site utility consumption
  • Investigate numerous machine guarding improvements
  • Design proprietary vessel drying system
  • Design proprietary vessel pressure testing system
  • Develop basic system design, equipment specifications, and cost estimate for a pressure test station
  • Multiple steel coating line projects for expansion and improvements
  • Investigate and design process controls for high drying oven w/flammable solvent
  • Analyzed production growth plans; Developed warehouse and shipping work processes and storage arrangement to improve Lead Time and Customer Service
  • Rupture disk selection and design for multiple mixers including catchment tank design
  • Design and implement mixer inerting sensing system
  • Design and implementation of inert solids transfer system for mixers
  • Investigate configuration of compact winding system
  • Reconfigure laboratory electrochemical plating line
  • Improve ergonomics of releasing a frozen ingredient from a fiber drum and design proof of concept solution
  • Project management and machine/structural design for new dredge machinery
  • Preliminary design of pump test facility
  • Develop alternate production line concepts
  • Revise and reconfigure arrangement for existing process lines
  • Prepared P&ID’s for Process Safety Management documentation
  • Site expansion Planning including “Critical Area” requirements
  • Installation of truck scales
  • Investigate handling problems in mix room
  • Establish NFPA rating for compounding room
  • Develop process hardware for proprietary process
  • Develop mold release process for proprietary product
  • Design of custom ventilation systems for large electric motors for compressor stations – multiple locations
  • Design storage warehouse storage arrangement for raw materials and finished goods in support of a plant expansion
  • Investigate de-bottlenecking of proprietary slip casting operation
  • Design for installation of a ceramic kiln
  • Develop process and costing for emergency handling of Powder River Basin coal storage
  • Design of fuel distribution system
  • Process development and cost development for the manufactur of NiAl catalysts
  • Process flow, site plan and costing for the operations to manufacture fluid cracking catalysts
  • Establish plant wide configuration of tube forming, base printing and screen printing to improve efficiencies and reduce costs and WIP
  • Develop procedures for recover of waste plastic from a blow molding operation
  • Site Selection, Relocation & Start Up of warehouse and assembly operations
  • Industrial engineering documentation and configuration of work cells
  • Designed and installed venturi scrubber system to capture acid mist
  • Designed and supervised installation of a 35 acre industrial waste landfill
  • Developed the design concept and final design for pH control for waste water systems
  • Designed custom machine guarding for custom for high speed paper and film handling equipment
  • Custom machine guarding for numerous milling machines and grinders used in the manufacture of industrial air conditioning systems
  • Locker room improvement study tied to the conversion to company provided work uniforms.
We hired EFI Group to help us figure out a project and scope it, and I felt confident they would keep a keen eye on it. They had to deliver quickly and they did it well. They are especially good at project management when you don’t have the resources to do it internally. Reliability is the word I would use to describe EFI Group.
— Coatings Industry Professional
EFI Group is timely. We’ve had a lot of situations when we’ve been in a time crunch and they’ve responded very quickly. They are detail oriented and efficient. They’re a good group of people who also have a lot of strength in pre-engineering — the thought process to get to preliminary design and making sure we’ve investigated all the potential asks of a project to ensure we didn’t miss anything. They have great attention to detail up front which is very important to any project because having that detail-oriented deep dive into the pre-engineering phase sets the stage for the success of the rest of the project, making the process smoother and making it much easier to keep the project on schedule and on budget.
— Mike Quigley, Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Food Industry
I’ve worked with EFI Group for a while, so I know they have a good, knowledgeable staff. We know we’re going to get the results from them we expect. From my interactions with all the different EFI team members I’ve worked with, I know they have knowledge across many industries. Equally, I never have to follow up with EFI Group and, in some cases, they keep me on track.
— Ryan Fredsall, General Manager, Pacer Minerals LLC
We view EFI Group as a team that can dimensionalize our capability to execute projects. We can articulate what it is we want to do and they can take that input and run with it without much intervention from us. They’re able to move a project along independently and only engage us when it’s time to bring us up to speed or get more input to drive a project to conclusion. That’s one of the reasons I view them as an excellent contractor.
— Environmental Engineering Industry Professional
EFI Group has good engineers and good customer service. We know when we get an EFI engineer on a project, we’re going to a get a good job from them and it’s been a productive relationship for both of us — I genuinely like the people.
— Corporate Director, Project Management in Food & Flavors Industry
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