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Project Scope & Cost Development Projects

Following are examples of Project Scope & Cost Development projects EFI Group has completed:

  • Design, commissioning and start-up of fully automated anode grooving, storage and handling system
  • Design and project planning for anode cover blending and transport systems – Two separate plants
  • Redesign of barge unloading hardware including boom, trolley, turntable, and winch systems
  • Analyze “Arc Flash” report and develop Implementation Plan and capital cost estimate
  • Investigate and develop options for capture of alumina “super fines”
  • Investigate and provide detailed design for rod mill expansion
  • Investigate rectifier cooling capacity and redesign circuit
  • Process flow and development of sizing & drying sand as Fracking Proppants
  • Wet resizing process development and project scoping for high purity silica
  • Long range expansion planning for calcium carbonate refining facility
  • Design of custom extraction system for feldspar dewatering vats
  • Reconcile and improve performance of a flash tube and a fluid energy dryer
  • Evaluate and recommended improvements for dust collection system for fluid energy dryer
  • Design and installation of an 80 tph dense phase pneumatic conveying system
  • Redesign of various portions of a continuous processing shingle line – entry and exit end
  • Redesign and replacement of Cooling Section including drive and controls upgrades
  • Redesign of high temperature limestone transport conveying pipeline
  • Investigate and reconcile the performance of fluidized hot oil limestone heater – Two lines
  • Designed and installed dust collection system for dry blending
  • Ion Exchange Project Development including: Plant Layout and Process Flow; Environmental requirements; Preliminary Cost Estimate and Preliminary Justification
  • Investigated, evaluated, and installed moisture sensing transducers
  • Investigate and estimate altering process
  • Equipment selection, line layout, and cost estimate for product conveying, case sealing, palletizing, and wrapping equipment
  • Problem/Opportunity resolution on Rice Vinegar filling line resulting in 45% rate improvement
  • Develop process and scope of work for power distribution to support additional flavor manufacturing cell
  • Design of flammable storage room
  • Removal/replacement of alcohol storage tanks
  • Contract Review for filling line for Hematology reagents
  • Specify, source and start up reagent filling line
  • Support FAT for Rotary Filling, Dosing and Capping Line
  • Review Pre-Bid Specifications for replacement Filling Line for Hematology
  • Support FAT for Multi-head Filling Line for Immunoassay reagents
  • Investigate wash/rinse water treatment for discharge to public sewer
  • Develop basic system design, equipment specifications, and cost estimate for a pressure test station
  • Multiple steel coating line projects for expansion and improvements
  • Analyzed production growth plans; Developed warehouse and shipping work processes and storage arrangement to improve Lead Time and Customer Service
  • Design and implement mixer inerting sensing system
  • Project management and machine/structural design for new dredge machinery
  • Installation and set up of pilot plant
  • Design for installation of a ceramic kiln
  • Develop process and costing for emergency handling of Powder River Basin coal storage
  • Process development and cost development for the manufactur of NiAl catalysts
  • Process flow, site plan and costing for the operations to manufacture fluid cracking catalysts
  • Establish a product cost model for custom made plastic tubes

EFI Group is a manufacturing engineering firm practicing process engineering, process design, design engineering, manufacturing technology and engineering services. EFI Group is based in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) and serves clients throughout North America.